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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2008|02:08 pm]
Spring is here and I’m off to Miami... Look at all the fun parties I might attend.

*’s indicate my tentative schedule, there’s not much time for sleeping!

Danny Howells @ SET on Wednesday 10pm-5am

* Danny Teneglia @ the Pawn Shop on Wednesday 10pm-2pm

* James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli @ the National Hotel on Thursday 2pm-9pm

* World of Drum and Bass @ Area 51 on Thursday 10pm-8am

Robbie Rivera, Sander Van Dorn, DJ Rap @ Nikki Beach on Thursday Noon-5am

Sasha and Digweed @ Mansion on Thursday 10pm-5am

Ferry Corsten & Sander Van Dorn @ Space on Thursday

* Ultra Music Festival on Fri, 4pm-11pm

* Z-Trip & Bassnectar @ the Laundry Bar on Fri, 10p-4a for FREE

Armand Van Helden, BBB, jr sanchez, felix @ Suite on Fri, 11pm

G&D @ The Pawn Shop on Friday

Paul Van Dyke & Sander Kleinenberg @ Space on Fri

James Zabiela and Nic Fancuilli @ Studio A on Fri

* Ultra Music Festival on Sat, 12pm-11am

* Nick Warren, Hybrid & Jody Wisternoff @ the Shelborne on Sat 10pm-5am

Rabbit in the Moon (DJ), Craze, Adam F, BabyAnne, Saturday @Area 51

Deep Dish and Pete Tong @ Space on Saturday

* Bassnectar, Freestylers, Fort Knox 5, @ Circa 28 on Sunday, 5PM-5AM

Starkillerz, Kascade, G&D @ the Beatport Pool Party on Sunday 2-9p
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Strong for them, I will be strong for them [Nov. 9th, 2007|10:00 am]
[music |SOJA]

Dearest Friends,

I'll say one thing for myspace and these social networking sites... it makes it much harder to forget how many great people I know, what wonderful friends I have. I guess those times I feel lonely, I just forgot these truths and wallowed in undeserved self pity. how foolish of me. I had a fabulous 25th birthday. I threw a big ole party for my collegues where we played kick ball and drank beer and just relaxed in the dusk light. Kick ball is great for allowing 20 somethings to act like kids again. You can tell how we all long for those simpler times when we weren't expected to act with a certain degree of professionalism. Fuck that. I think that every person should be able to go to work and do their job, and then go home and be themselves. We are NOT our job descriptions, but too often we become them. The spitting image of the capitalist, chasing the dragon through life, stepping on and over our brothers, to die and decompose just like our brothers. Even a judge in the court room who deals justice on our behalf should be able to get wasted at a soccer game and take off his shirt and dance with his team mates like a fool. No man is perfect, and to ask for perfection and composure every second of every day is inhumane.

I saw two really great bands last night. The Bridge, and Soldiers of Jah Army. I'd never seen either but they both blew me away. I can't wait to see SOJA again in two weeks at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA. They will be releasing a dvd at the show and if you go you will not be disappointed. In fact, I gaurentee it. If you go to the show on my recommendation and you don't think they are the shit, I'll pay for your ticket. Given you must like reggae, and if you just don't like it because you're a closed minded mofo, that doesn't count. Give them a listen at purevolume.com, every song they've reocrded is there for free. the lead singer is also super hot in the flesh. Because he sings from a peaceful heart. Well I'm a work you know so I'd better go behave that way. Thank you friends for making this first quarter century joyful and fullfilling.

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of knights and nobles [May. 25th, 2007|12:30 pm]
Check out this crazy rice crispy treat castle my friend shannon made:


Isn't it awesome!? Oh yea.
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Tuesday [May. 22nd, 2007|11:25 am]
What up kids? A week ago I was disappointed by one Dj Douche bag, Bad Boy Bill. My good friend Dana drove 5 hours to see me and so we could go see the one and only at Glow last Saturday. And the show was rather disappointing. We got there around 11pm, and explored the big ass club. Filled with gangs of young men, prowling for any available female to grind against. There was very little in the way of party kids and plur, just a lot of opportunistic groping and drunken stumbling. The only kid I met who acted like he'd been to a party before told dana that he was dj icey and wanted us to follow him home. I checked the web later on, and he was not dj icey, just another douche bag.

And in the main room we were entertained by "some guy" spinning house anthems until 2am when BBB finally made an appearance. He seemed disinterested, as if we were interupting an otherwise enjoyable weekend. He had a dozen men on stage with him watching the crowd and offering moral support. He played until the way late hour of 3:30!! at which point the lights came on and we were all asked to leave. Since when do dj sets last 90 minutes? Dj sets I paid $20 and put up with a fair amount of bullshit to hear and then you half ass?!? I've seen Bad Boy Bill at least 4 times now and this was some shit. Dude is off the list of dj's I will pay to hear. It's a good think I have some napster sets of him when he didn't suck.

Aside from that wretched performance, the summer is shaping up to be quite eventful and music filled. I'm going to see James Zabiela Friday at ultrabar. I sure hope ultrabar doesn't suck like glow and kick him off the decks at 3:30. Do you have any experiance on this club? They have a shitty door policy, 21 and up for men and 18 and up for women, which is going to keep one of my buds at home. If that isn't the most retarded thing I've ever heard. And I bet they close at 3:30 because drink sales must end at 3am. You club owners/managers have no souls! There, the website says the club is open from 10-3, that is so lame.

My tickets for Virgin fest arrived yesterday, starscape and all good tickets are bought. Work is good, I miss my family in Northern Virginia real bad. My boyfriend more than my relatives, but they all seem like part of my family now. So I was watching No Boundaries last night immediately before watching the Riches and I had a thought about the american diseases of competition and isolation. Compared to tribal communities in less developed countries we have very different goals and definitions of sucess. For example, in a poor village / family unit everyone works hard for the mutual benefit of the group. The individuals receive the same food and live under the same roof. Members gain satisfaction from providing for eachother and raising up the weakest, taking care of the young and the elderly. But our society has developed a different metric for sucess, and I think it is poison.

As a young child my father encouraged me to be competive in school and reinforced that my grades were to be used to rank me against my peers and ultimately determine my lot in life. Grades became more important that learning. More important than if I had learned anything was whether I scored higher than my other classmates. I didn't want them to do well, because it would only make it harder for me to beat them. I compete with my peers for the highest paying jobs, cars, housing, mates, schools districts. Now in contrast, think of a hypothetical amish community, or an indian fishing village. If one family suffers from failed crops, then the other families will provide for them and not let them starve. When a new family needs a dwelling, the group comes together in a short amount of time to help them build a house or a barn or whatever, knowing that when the time comes, the community will help them too. Because it is far too hard to do everything yourself, starting from scratch with every new family. Life is a team sport.

So then I watched a village in Korea make Kimchi. They take whole cabbages and season them with raw oysters, hot ground chili peppers, and other simple ingredients. these little women separate each leaf of cabbage and dress them with filling, a whole season's worth of cabbage hundreds of heads. And then they put the seasoned cabbage in a ceramic pot, and bury it in the ground for six months. This simple product is the fruit of their labor, an ethnic treasure, and the reward they all share for hard work. Everyone gets the same kimchi. But they are all so excited about it, to participate in making it and use the same clay pots made by their ancestors. In contrast to americans who need a new car to feel accomplished, or a new flat screen tv, or what have you. It's so shallow. Things do not have value to me because they are expensive. And I should not get more enjoyment out of something because my neighbor can't afford it.

I have this drive to suceed, progress, and earn money, in the hopes that some day I will be indenpendently wealthy and not have to work anymore, just to live off the interest of my own investments. It seems like such a silly, self-centered goal. To make so much money that I don't need to work, and then to indulge my own selfish interests. it is a sad and unsatisfying philosophy I live by. For now it is a work inprogress.
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Week in Review [Mar. 30th, 2007|02:59 pm]
I'd like to take a few pages to describe my incredible week in Miami. I got back on Sunday, and it's taken almost the full five days since to recover. I made new friends, saw old friends, and rekindled the intense love and passion between my man and my self. Those long distance relationships get old after a while, but a week together at the beach was just what the doctor ordered. I have lots of fond memories to keep me warm while living alone in charlottesville. So let's get this party started. The flight was sweet and non-stop, but the airport shuttle was a little bit of a nightmare. This "driver" could not find his ass with both hands. Before we'd even left the airport his supervisor had scolded him on the radio several times for being slow and disorganized. The traffic was wretched (maybe rush hour starts at 3pm in Miami?). After sitting in traffic for 30 minutes and making it 2/3 of the way across the bridge, he gives up, turns around and backtracks through downtown to try a different bridge. the 15 minute drive from the airport to the hotel ended up taking and hour and a half. I think he just hates his job and didn't want to have to go back to the airport.

We stayed at the WMC conference hotel, fondly referred to as the "Beach House." That was pretty sweet I tell you what. Our room overlooked the ocean and had a mini-fridge and a beautiful view. The pool below my window played host to countless musical performances every day we were there. Donald Glaude being one highlight, and the mixing competition being another. Free flavored water, free energy drinks, free demos... well free with the price of admission. You could hear the poolside music in the room once we go the windows open. Everynight they turned the 18th floor of the hotel into a night club, with free drinks and free entry. Danny Teneglia played a four hour set to open up the conference Tuesday night and he was outstanding. I danced so hard that I had blisters on the bottoms of my feet the next morning. Like four blisters, on the bottom of my feet. I've never had that happen before, but I didn't let it slow me down.

Day two we walked around Miami Beach, ate at this delicious jewish deli, with great food and friendly service. Listened to music poolside, sipping beer, doing shots. We met some awesome kids from denver and they were cool. Gave us shots out of their fully stocked, portable "bar" all week. Just a real friendly bunch and refreshing experiance to befriend total strangers with no drama, no danger. I had gotten too socially isolated in my time since undergrad. Not as prone to walk up to strangers and strike up a conversation. But at the WMC everyone was nice, and we clearly had similar taste in music. All the genres seems to be prepresented and as varied as snowflakes. But a love of music and dance untied the masses that gathered in Maimi last week. We partied Ultra hard. Wednesday it was back to the Sky Bar (aka the club in my hotel) for dancing and music. I saw Miss Kittin perform and was impressed by her sound and inventive combinations. it was like softer breaks with house influence (mostly in the vocals from what I remember). a very talented artist, who was followed by Dj Shortee of the famous Faust and Shortee. She gave us a real treat, picking up the mike and performing live vocals to accompany her mix. Two thumbs way up.

Day 3 (Thursday), Derek and I went down the beach where I got a lovely tan. Then it began to pour down rain as it did almost every afternoon for about an hour. Ordered roomservice, and they screwed up our order so badly that it was free! Free pizza for everyone! Then we went to the Opium Gardens in South Beach. In contrast to what the name of the club may suggest, they had a strict policy against controlled substances. Decorated like a japanese geisha garden it an indoor / outdoor arena with three separate set of decks. DJ Dan was not my favorite but the DJ I liked played more anthemy house and i never figured out his name. DJ rap tore it up for an long as they would let her play. That party was just a warm up from noon till 9. We went to a totally different club that night, Mansion, to see Sasha and Digweed. The best part about the WMC is that there are clubs open anytime of the day all week long. So when ever you feel like going out you can just look at the lineups and go. The Miambient party went for like 4 days, and many of the clubs had daytime hours just to accomodate all the dj's who wanted to play out (and all the clubbers who wanted to dance). Mansion was a huge ass, pretencious, super club. The guy working the door was a total jerk and just rude to every single guy. The girls he didn't really say anything to, but jeez he seemed to enjoy giving people a hard time. More bouncers in this club than any I've been to before. And they have this thing called bottle service in alot of clubs now. You buy a whole bottle of liquour for a few hundred dollars and they give you mixers to drink it with at a table. But at Mansion, your bottle service comes with an gogo dancer, in this barely-there school girl get up. Women don't really where much clothing in the clubs down there. Rediculous. But the music was outstanding and S&D put on a memorable show. The club also had super-cooled compressed airjets that filled the club with cold condensed air so thick that you couldn't see a foot in front of your face. And then it just dissipated with no detectable smell or residue. Very cool stuff. Took the bus back to the hotel at 5:30am. The bus is the way to go.

Friday morning we tried to have food delivered to the hotel and the delivery boy was such a dipshit that we just canceled our order and ate food by the pool. That was rather frustrating, Damn you Chicken Kitchen! Day one of Ultra music festival started up at 4pm and throngs of people gathered to dance in the sunshine. The Cure played out and dozens of djs filled the air with relentless beats. I dropped my wallet at some point, but I am grateful to report that a kindhearted local sought me out so that he could return it. Day two was a much better day because it was nearly twice at long and definitely twice as fun. Sasha and Digweed were scheduled for a two hour set. They had only just begun when the rains rolled in. Innundated by moisture, fully exposed to the elements, Digweed stood strong under some plastic sheeting heldup by the stage hands. Sasha had to retreat from the rain with his i-mac, but Digweed would not disappoint his fans and continued to play after one cdj after another failed to work. The lighting kept cutting out and restarting and the stage was covered in a lake of water that would not stop falling. I'm not sure how he did it but the music went on. Sander van dorn played in the rain just as John had before him, but the weather was a little more cooperative. Eric Morillo was fantastic, also from under a tarp. His are would reach out periodically and he would pound his fist in the air. He spoke is spanish to the crowds of Miamians and brought warmth and happiness to the ears of some very wet people.

I believe that leads me to the final performance of the night, Rabbit in the Moon. Brilliant is the only way I can describe the Crew. No single frontman or artist, but rather a swarm of professionals skilled at exciting and dazzling an audience. Many costumes and special effects made the show unforgettable. But I will share no futher details because I firmly believe that you should see them yourself. After the concert was over we walked through the streets to the after party. The music was so loud in the parking lot that there was absolutely no reason to wait in line for 45 minutes and pay 55 dollars to go inside. And besides, you can't see the skyline from inside a club. We danced and talked with our new friends in the parking lot of that club for a couple hours before going home to sleep. And we left the next morning, at some inhumane hour. The drive back to the airport took only 20 minutes. and before I knew it I was back in Virginia. Last week was incredible and memorable and so cathartic. I danced away all the stress that had accumulated in my body from 3 years in grad school. I feel optimistic again and like I have restored balance to my life that was far to consumed by work. Tonight I'm going to see Digweed and MSTRKRFT at the 9:30 club. Tickets are still availible for this show so if you're in the DC area you can still go. i think it's going to be a blast.
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Why Grad School is a lot like my first time Snowboarding... [Mar. 19th, 2007|10:44 am]
It has been brought to our attention, that I have failed to update my blog in the last five months. It's not like I died or something. I'm still here. I think that around the time of my last post I was anticipating a great triumph. I thought I was about to reach a goal, long sought after and that I would soon be able to write about it and be generally pleased, excited, etc. Well the publication of my first refereed journal article has still not occured. I came in late last night and put together a presentation, rehashing the text and figures I submitted to my adviser 4 months ago, hoping that sometime in this century I could submit it to a journal for rejection. But not yet. Which brings us to the subject at hand.

I clearly remember my first attempt at snowboarding. It was a cold night in Pennsylvania some years ago, i scaled the bunny hill on a rental board. And then I fell down. Ow. Ok, let's try again. Ow, didn't even make it to standing that time. After about an hour of this, and bruising on 50% of my body, we give up for the night to try again tomorrow. In grad school, the bruising impacts the ego, but hurts just as much. I have at times developed bitterness in my disposition, that carries over for weeks and is directed towards all manner of unsuspecting bystanders. On day two of learning to board, it was day light, I had better gear, and even some personal instruction. But the outcome was just the same. Stand up, fall down, Start out a little higher, so you have farther to fall. Throw yourself repeatedly at what appears to be an insurmountable mountain. Sucessful, experianced boarders pass you on all sides, laughing and pointing. It takes so long to make any progress, you wonder if you will ever make it. But you trust that since you are on a "hill" you will eventually find the bottom, gravity is on your side after all. People go to grad school all the time, and come out with degrees, extra letters on the end of their names, have careers and what not. Just not me, just not yet.

So I'm at an impasse, while I work hard, progress is so slow that no satisfaction can be garnered from it. And small accomplishments are tempered by my isolation from loved ones and an adviser who thinks I'm too optimistic/upbeat to offer objective scientific opinions. But that's enough about work. Work is very much a daily grind, and I've had to find joy elsewhere or surely perish (almost wrote parish there). I went snowboarding in Lake Tahoe in January. That was awesome. You see, now I'm a fairly good snowboarder. Dodging trees and small children, (never laughing at the inexperienced). It was so flipping cold that both my camera and my mini camcorder froze right there in my gloved hands as i tried to capture the beauty of it all. Like 5-10 degrees static temp, and god only knows with the windchill. but it was gorgeous and fluffy white snow, miles of it, and veiws like heaven. No injuries, no horrific family related outbursts. Just a good time. If I can learn to snowboard, maybe someday I will graduate.

While stuck in Charlottesville, I've picked up a few hobbies. I make beer, from scratch, and it's awesome. Maybe it doesn't taste as crisp and clean as some of your store bought light beers, but it's full bodied, unfiltered, and I can add flavorings, make it in 6 gallon batches. it's bad ass. I've also tried my hand at politics. I rule over a small fifedom in the land of student government. The responsibility and the power I weild brings me a fair amount of joy and satisfaction to supplement what is lacking in my career. I am the president of the student council. it's almost as good as Doctor, right? Small joys in life are what makes it bearable. Now let's talk about the big joys.

Tomorrow I am getting on an airplane, and flying to Miami. We are staying at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa for the Winter Music Conference. If you don't know what all this entails, you should be jealous. The line up for the finale party is just a taste of the great music performers I will see next week. http://www.ultramusicfestival.com/ The hotel is on the beach, and I'll be laying out in the sun all day, and partying in south beach all night. So exciting! I guess I should provide some sort of description of next week when I return. I will endevour to provide the details as I should have lots to talk about. I hope you all have a nice week. Catch you on the flip side.
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Wii-hoo [Nov. 19th, 2006|02:44 am]
it's 1:28 am, November 19, 2006. The Wii came out an hour and a half ago and I've played it. It's so great, fantastic, revolutionary. bowling is awesoe. anyone one who has bowled can play this game. golf, well not even people who are good at tiger woods will necesarily be able to get the hang of it. The games work well, set up easily, it was worth the wait and the money. not worth getting shot over.

We are so happy to have and play the Wii,
Play one soon!
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working late in the lab [Nov. 16th, 2006|03:38 am]
Hello World.

It has been a while, but I have nothing to do for 15 minutes (while I'm running an experiment). Actually I've had nothing to do or days, hours even of dead time while I wait for parts of my experiment to run their course. But you see I've read all the news on the internet, all of the new york times, cnn, washingtonpost, slashdot, slate, web comics, sudoku... and I can't take it any more! I can not read one more thing, I must speak, the cache is full! Ugh. It's like 2 am, and I'll be here for another hour and a half. I've been trying to collect all the data I need for this conference in December before the chamber is disassembled for maintainance. I think one reason my post frequency has diminished is that I suspect my daily activies are so far off the radar that no one will care or be able to relate. You see I'd much rather be reclusive than be ostracised.

I'm just getting the final sampling of data that confirms I haven't been wasting the last 6 hours, and this experiment was sucessful and I will get to go home with a feeling of accmplishment. I'll tell you that the worst thing about experimental work is that sometimes after staying late you leave knowing the experiment will have to be repearted. that the results were flawed and very little would be different about the world if you have gone to bed at a reasonable hour instead of working late. But I digress. The main reason I haven't posted to a blog recently is I've been busy.

I've been working on this space mineral project since august, and I'll be pesenting my results at the AGU conference in sanfransico. I'd like to have the paper written and submitted for publication by christmas. That would be the best christmas present ever, to myself. It might give me hope that some day, I will finish school. I mean seriously, I'm 24 and I'm still in school?! This whole exercise, grad school.... if applicants were well informed about what life in grad school was like, (endless hours, tireless work, Mcdonald's salary) no one would go. But we grad students refuse to give up, once we get the idea in our heads, we will beat those same heads against as many walls as necessary to succeed or die trying.

Lately I've been struggling to understand why I chose such a difficult path for my self. why do I choose to be here when any technical job would pay 3 times as much, allow me to be with my family, and work 9 hour days? I guess it's mostly pride. foolish pride that I must be the best at every damn thing. A side from that, and a desire for the esteem of others, I wanted a challenge. I wanted something to be hard and to test myself. Undergrad was more or less a breeze. I took a heavy course load and partied 4 nights a week. The fist taste I got of grad work was my senior year and it was so interestng and mysterious. advanced aerodynamics hid its secrets from me after hours of study. I realized there was this infinite wealth of knowledge and it was exciting. I wanted more. But this is insane.

This is plenty challenging, no more, stop please. It must be one of those things, that you can't understand unless you've gone through it. And some people get through easier than others, it varies among advisers and schools. But after this, I think I need to give my self a break. a pat on the back, a vacation in hawaii or something. it's one thing for your parents or boss to say you did a good job. it's quite another for me to say I did great, I suceeded, I did a good job. That's what I need to hear right now, that I think I'm doing great. But my standards and expectations of myself are so high, and even when I get close, I raise them. I feel like I'm running a rat race sometimes. it would be good for me to say I'm good enough. To be happy and content with myself, instead of being self critical.

My experiment should be wrapping up in 30 minutes or so, so I'll depart and tidy up the lab so I can go home ASAP. I hope you are all very well. I miss my friends, and I dwell frequently on our fond memories.
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quote of the year [Sep. 8th, 2006|09:24 am]
"It is no measure of health to be sane in an insane society."

-- Krishnamurti
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none stated [Aug. 30th, 2006|11:29 pm]
I just watched anthony boudin in Beruit and it was moving. to see the war through the eyes of a non-violent man, a chef. He likes food that people make with their hands. at a time of crisis Tony commondered the hotel kitchen so he could cook for himself and the crew. He was shaken and thin and hungry, anxious for normalcy.

I missed Project Runway to watch it. Damn. Anthony gets star treatment everywhere he goes. He wears blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Looks down at the ground alot. Eats anything. The show "No Boundaries" centers on his travels to third world countries, where he eats local cuisine. the food is pure and flawless, practice makes prefect. They likely eat the same thing everyday.

New rule: The United States will not export weapons. I don't think that the service men and women of this country signed on to make bombs for other country's wars. Does the Superpower status grant us the right to distribute power at will throughout the land? We are not above the laws which we dictate. Consider the fighter jet of old. As we develop more advanced technology, we sell the previous version to our ally. Perhaps this stabilizes our economy, protecting the defence industry from periods of inactivity. I would rather see the resources spent on education. But threat is a great motevator. the threat of war envigorates the workforce. Devalues our labor. We are willing to work for satisfaction in place of compensation.

If you're buying bulbs for the fall season, now is the time for savings. The Royal Dutch catelog is on my desk, with the selections black-lined. If the photos are any representation of the flowers, they're a real deal. Hope you've got fun fall plans..
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